Motor glider licence

A motor glider is a fixed-wing aircraft that can be flown with or without engine power. Build usually on the same airframe as a standard glider but equipped with a propeller which allows self launching, moving to area with better thermals conditions or flying as a regular airplane (TMG - touring motor glider) In matter of fact applicants must comply requirements similar to PPL but with following benefits:

  • Less demanding medical examination – can be done by a local medical practice approved by AME
  • Flight time only 20 hours required
  • Much lower cost in comparison to PPL
  • Less theoretical knowledge needed for the final exam

Our flying school uses a motor glider build Czechoslovakia L-13 SE “VIVAT” in an impressive Arabic desert camouflage. TMG license allows you to conduct only non-commercial flights on any TMG plane. Motor glider pilots usually fly for pleasure, soaring or making navigation flights. On high performance planes such as Stemme S-10, ASH-25, etc. many world records in soaring were achieved. When TMG plane is flown by a commercial pilot that can be used for aerial photography or making sightseeing flights.

Cost and length of the course

Time needed to master all practical and theoretical skill varies with each student and his/her previous experience, regularity of flying and indeed talent. The complete course (theory and practice) typically takes approximately two months if started at the begging of season.

Total cost of training on L-13SE: from 45.000 CZK (price includes cost of flying hours, instructor, theoretical training, textbooks, maps, navigation aids, and insurance) Advance payment is charged only for theory all others during the course.

S průkazem můžete létat například tyto letadla: 




Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



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