vyhlidkovy let Pardubice

Sightseeing flights are provided through the whole year in suitable weather conditions at the...

Vychodocesky aeroklub Pardubice is located on the slope of the Zelezne hory Mountains at the...

Great geographical position allows airfield Podhorany with right wind direction and speed use...

Nábor nových členů - Milan Švorc 724 401 120
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Every year we organize flight events for all sorts of companies as a treat for their employees...


Basic circuit: Podhorany – remains of castle Lichnice - Kraskov - Prachovice – dam Sec - Parízov...


A hot air balloon can only launch in good weather conditions and wind speed less than 4 meters...


Cruising speed: 140 km/h

Range: 600 km

Altitude of the sightseeing flight: 150 to...

Sightseeing flight Pardubice


Sightseeing flights are provided through the whole year in suitable weather conditions at the Airfield Podhorany. Common practice is that take off and landing is from our airfield but if required any

airport in Czech Republic with suitable conditions can be arranged. We will do our best to satisfy any requirement of our clients.


We will fly anywhere you wish –even to the highest mountain in Czech Republic.

Motor hang glider licence

Pilot training for two seat motor hang glider is among the most affordable way of flaying. The course is led by very experienced instructor Mr. Jan Hajek with many flight hours on these type machines. He’s a member of the Czech National Team and competitor of World Cup 2007. Based in AK Podhorany where great weather conditions and facilities are. Thanks very individual approach it’s possible to arranged moving the course to your nearest airfield for your convenience.

Microlight aircraft licence

In 90’s was in Czech Republic established the LAA (Letecka Amaterska Asociace) to join other Europeans countries to operate Ultra Light Aircrafts as a way to make flying more approachable and affordable to almost any flying fans. LAA approves operation light aircrafts up to 450kg. This category includes hang gliders, powered hang gliders, paraglides, powered paraglides and ultra light aircrafts with maximum stalling speed 65km/h.

Motor glider licence

A motor glider is a fixed-wing aircraft that can be flown with or without engine power. Build usually on the same airframe as a standard glider but equipped with a propeller which allows self launching, moving to area with better thermals conditions or flying as a regular airplane (TMG - touring motor glider) In matter of fact applicants must comply requirements similar to PPL but with following benefits:




Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



Call us+420 469 691 714

Mobile: +420 603 404 703

Email: info@letistepodhorany.cz

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