Flight school Pardubice

Gliding is probably the most poetic kind of flying ever. Generally is recommended to young people who want to have a taste of flying or beginning a professional pilot career. You obtain the best habits and knacks needed for good piloting.

Our pilot training is carried out in accordance to JAR-FCL-1 European ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices. Before the first solo flight students have to reach minimum 16 years of age and 17 years to be able successfully finish the course.

A motor glider is a fixed-wing aircraft that can be flown with or without engine power.

In 90’s was in Czech Republic established the LAA (Letecka Amaterska Asociace) to join other Europeans countries to operate Ultra Light Aircrafts as a way to make flying more approachable and affordable to almost any flying fans.

Pilot training for two seat motor hang glider is among the most affordable way of flaying. The course is led by very experienced instructor Mr. Jan Hajek with many flight hours on these type machines.



Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



Call us+420 469 691 714

Mobile: +420 603 404 703

Email: info@letistepodhorany.cz

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