Glider pilot licence

Gliding is probably the most poetic kind of flying ever. Generally is recommended to young people who want to have a taste of flying or beginning a professional pilot career. You obtain the best habits and knacks needed for good piloting. Learn understand basic laws of aerodynamic and natural characteristics of air mass.

The training is possible start as early as 14 years of age. All students under 18 years must provide covering letter sign by parents or legal representative. Before you start exciting practical training you have to go through theory course which is taught at out airfield in form of weekend seminars typically in duration of 1 month. Plane used for practice training is legendary two seat aerobatic L-13 BLANIK. (The very same type used by RED BULL team) Through the practice students will learn how to take off behind tow plane and using a winch, landing, conduct a free flight and solving critical situation. Before the first solo flight all students have to reach minimum of 15 years of age hold a radiophone operator certificate and medical certificate. Part of the training is also flight in L-13 VIVAT motor glider for practice navigation skills. Towards the end of the practice training students take a theory exam. After required 6 flight hours from which 2 hours and 20 solo take offs/ landings is accomplished you are ready to take the practice exam. As soon as a student ‘got his wings’ the next target is to achieve a Silver “C” – performance class. That requires complete a 5 hour flight in 100 meter and 5km distance. All this and much more is aim of a continuative training for sport gliding, which Improves skills of new pilots to search and use thermal streams.

For most glider pilots receiving this licence only means the first step to valuable sport achievements:

Gradually polishing their skills and flying more sophisticated planes, flying longer, further, higher and faster, taking parts in competitions. With more flight hours comes more intuitive flying allowing analyzing weather condition and avoiding them or use them for their advantage. Experience and flying skills make ideal combination to make great gliding and high achievements.

Cost and length of the course

Applicants can decide from two options : Shorten scheme, where learn to take off only using a tow plane- it takes less time, but cost bit more. Standard scheme is designed for 3 and more months where students will learn both using a tow plane and a winch. This option is especially advantageous for our airfield as we have unique slope of ZELEZNE HORY with great rising streams which can be used straight after released from a winch rope.

Cost of complete training on L-13 (tow plane only): from 33.000 CZK
Cost of complete training on L-13 (tow plane and winch): from 20.000 CZK – (winch training is not available at the moment)

Advance payment is charged only for theory all others during the course. (Price includes cost of flying hours, instructor, theoretical training, textbooks, maps, navigation aids, and insurance.

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Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



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