Microlight aircraft licence

In 90’s was in Czech Republic established the LAA (Letecka Amaterska Asociace) to join other Europeans countries to operate Ultra Light Aircrafts as a way to make flying more approachable and affordable to almost any flying fans. LAA approves operation light aircrafts up to 450kg. This category includes hang gliders, powered hang gliders, paraglides, powered paraglides and ultra light aircrafts with maximum stalling speed 65km/h. As all these types of aircraft are intended to operate in small altitude and outside thick air traffic zones there is much lower demand in qualification and therefore the training is much easier

After spending 40 hours in a classroom and 20 hours in the air, students can apply for theory and practice exam supervised by LAA inspectors. UL license allows you to fly any UL aircraft with maximum take-off weight 450kg to which the aircraft is certified.

There is wide range of performance certified UL such as P-96 with cruise speed almost 200 km/h. The experience is nothing less than in ‘grown up plane’. The only down side particularly for pilots interested in long distance flights is that some counties haven’t introduced UL category yet.

Become a UL pilots is great solution for those who wants to take themselves and one passenger for a short trip , take off and land on almost any piece of land of safe length. Less demands for qualification attracts lots of seniors or anyone who wants make traffic jams history

Cost and length of the course

Our flying school uses P-92 Echo. Intensive course can take from start to finish as short as 14 days.

Total price for training on P-92 Echo: from 55.000 CZK
(price includes cost of flying hours, instructor, theoretical training, textbooks, maps, navigation aids, and insurance) Advance payment is charged only for theory all others during the course.

S průkazem můžete létat například tyto letadla: 




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