Sightseeing flight with glider L-13 Blanik

Aero tow takeoff to altitude 500 meters above aground level. Free soaring with possibility to climb greater heights.

300 CZK for 4-5 minute flight - In case of the winch takeoff (altitude 300meter AGL)


960 CZK for 15 minute flight (aero tow to altitude 500 AGL)

Number of passengers: 

1+ pilot

Price for one minute: 

For free gliding 16 CZK per each minute over 15 minute flight, 100CZK for every 100 meters altitude of the tow plane

Information about the airplane: 



Podhorany airfield

Nový Dvůr 137
538 03 Podhořany u Ronova


49°56'21"N ; 015°32'59"E



Call us+420 469 691 714

Mobile: +420 603 404 703


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